Diamond Standard Brand Parts is committed to provide the insurer, shop and consumer with true alternative safety parts to OE which meet all federal and state regulations requiring manufacturer identification on the part and the part be like kind and quality of performance to the original OE part for fit, form, functional performance and safety. Those regulations are accessible below to assist you in knowing the performance requirements the insurer and shop are required to provide in restoring a vehicle’s collision management system to its predamaged condition.

At the request of the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) Diamond Standard reviewed its model rules governing Aftermarket Parts model regulations which is considered outdated since its publish and provide input regarding its wording designed to permit the continued use by insurers of non-OE parts with acceptable safeguards to insureds that such parts are not inferior to the parts that existed on their vehicles prior to the accident. We welcome this opportunity to assist and serve the industry and have contacted all State Commissioners regarding our concerns that in safety parts, non-OE material substitution and structural part formation on the part of Offshore Aftermarket manufacturers yields parts which fail to perform to the standard on the original vehicle, fail federal standards of crashworthiness and their use leads to greater future damageability, increased total losses and potential occupant injury. The need for a broad review of all regulations is therefore needed.

To assist you with better understanding the regulations impacting Aftermarket Crash parts we are providing a link to the NAIC model law, a link to the 20 States today who have championed adopting regulations requiring equivalency to OE parts, and finally, an interactive map below for easy reference to your State’s regulations. Just click on your state. When it comes to replacing safety parts, there are only 2 choices….OE or Diamond Standard. Do not make the mistake of substituting, delivering, or installing a non-compliant part or part that is non-OE or Diamond Standard as it would be a clear violation of state regulations requiring replacement parts meet OE part quality and performance and be litigious.

Click here to review the NAIC model rules governing aftermarket parts model regulation.

Click here the review states currently requiring part equivalency to OE.

Select a state from the drop-down menu or click on a state in the map

Select a state from the drop-down menu or click on a state in the map.

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