Rhode Island Requirements Regulations
Title 27 Insurance/ Chapter 27 Motor Vehicle Body Replacement Parts/ Sections 27-10.2-1 - 27-10.2-3 Disclosure, Consent, and Equal in Quality to OEM Parts Any insurance company, in adjusting a first party claim for motor vehicle physical damage, that intends to specify the use of aftermarket parts, shall notify the insured in writing. No repair shop may use non-OEM parts without the customer giving his or her express written consent. Insurers specifying the use of aftermarket parts must make allowances for the reasonable cost of any modifications to the aftermarket parts which may become necessary when making the repair, and for the cost of fitting, removing, and/or handling aftermarket parts which do not result in the vehicle being repaired to its condition prior to loss. Aftermarket parts must be at least equal in kind and quality to the OEM parts in terms of fit, quality, and performance.

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