Arkansas Requirements Regulations
Title 4 Business and Commerce/ Subtitle 7: Consumer Protection/ Chapter 90 Automobiles/ Subchapter 3 Aftermarket Crash Parts Disclosure, Consent, Part Identification and Equal in Quality to OEM Parts Repair shop must disclose to the customer that the estimate was based on the use of aftermarket crash parts supplied by a source other than the manufacturer of the vehicle and that the parts used are warranted by the manufacturer of the parts. All parts are required to be at least equal in terms of fit, quality, performance and warranty. All non-original equipment must have affixed to or inscribed on the equipment the logo identification number, or name of the manufacturer and must be visible after installation whenever practicable. If the vehicle is still under the manufacturer's original warranty, only OEM replacement crash parts may be used by the repair facility unless the owner has given written consent otherwise. Every insurer that intends to require or specify the use of aftermarket parts must disclose it in writing to the policyholder.

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