In response to the industry need to control structural parts’ substitution, facilitate correct parts identification for shops and provide cradle-to-grave traceability, Diamond Standard created a Labeling Standard considered by NSF as “medical grade.”

Facilitated Ordering & Correct Part Delivery/Identification
Each Diamond Standard Brand Safety part has been assigned a unique partslink number ending with the suffix “DS”. Estimating systems and distributors can recognize the Diamond Standard parts numbering system to establish Diamond Standard part visibility. Demanding fulfillment performance integrity from distributors enables a shop ordering a Diamond Standard Safety part to receive the correct Diamond Standard part. Shop identification of the correct part is further enhanced by Diamond Standard branded outer packaging and labeling.

Cradle-To-Grave Permanent manufacturer Part Identification
The Diamond Standard Safety part identification standard provides permanent manufacturer identification, lot number and part number engraved or embossed into each Diamond Standard part. This meets all state regulations for manufacturer identification on crash parts used in the repair.

Part Traceability Label & Seal of Assurance
A two-part tracking label is affixed to each diamond Standard Brand Safety part, the lower portion of the two-part label can be placed on repair orders or estimates as proof of use of the Diamond Standard part. The two-part label carries a unique serial number which provides “cradle-to-grave” traceability information on the part’s material, material certification analysis, manufacturing/lot history and final quality inspection reports linked to the individual part. The maximum traceability feature built into each unique serial number on each Diamond Standard Brand Safety part is unprecedented in its intensity within the industry and can be accessed at any time.

The DS Brand seal is our assurance to you the part is reliable, replicates the safety and damageability characteristics of the OEM parts, traceable, and repeatable.

Branded Packaging and Two-Part Seal Location:
Front Bumpers - Click to view label in place
Step Bumpers - Click to view label in place
Foam Absorbers - Click to view label in place
Plastic Absorbers - Click to view label in place
Steel Rebar - Click to view label in place
Aluminum Rebar - Click to view label in place
Brackets - Click to view label in place
Cowl Hoods - Click to view label in place

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