MGA Research Corporation Testing on Behalf of Diamond Standard Brand

MGA Research Corporation has been providing OE manufacturers, parts suppliers, MVMA, AAMA, and NHTSA with quality testing services for over 25 years. The first auto safety structural testing conducted was to determine compliance to the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS’s) 207 and 210. The MGA fabrication center also took the lead on developing novel test equipment for more recent safety standards such as FMVSS 201U – occupant protection in interior impact and FMVSS 225 – child restraint anchorage systems.

Today, MGA is widely recognized as one of the leading independent companies in the areas of test services and equipment. More recently, the Company has focused on improving and expanding the line of equipment and services offered to the industry through the implementation of current technologies related to computers, software, and electronics, etc. This commitment to excellence and accuracy has resulted in very high levels of efficiency in the test labs at MGA.

MGA Research Conducted Safety Tests

MGA Research Corporation tests conducted on behalf of Reflexxion Automotive and PBSI, Production Bumper Stampings have included:

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General Information (PDF)
Product Development (PDF)
Equipment Design (PDF)
Durability Testing (PDF)
Vehicle Expertise (PDF)
Consultation (PDF)
Interior Validation (PDF)
Hybrid Fuel Vehicles (PDF)
Hybrid Battery Testing (PDF)
Head and Neck Restraint Development (PDF)
Child Restraint Development (PDF)

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