Certification Purpose and Policy

Diamond Standard Brand and its associated manufacturers group, Reflexxion Automotive and Production Bumper Stampings, supply a variety of One Quality Parts that include USA made front steel bumpers and replacement hoods, high strength steel and aluminum reinforcements, high density and dual high density energy absorbers, full assembly stepbumper systems and face bars, bumper top pads, bumper brackets, braces, and supports.

Diamond Standard bumper structural components and non-structural full assembly stepbumpers, face bars and replacement hoods are underpinned by a series of copyrighted protocols based on one principle, the original equipment manufacturer’s part (OE) that came on the vehicle is the standard for safety and damageability to which all structural parts in collision must be held. Diamond Standard Brand parts replicate the safety and damageability characteristics of corresponding OE service parts and are dynamically and destructively third-party tested versus OE service parts by MGA Research Corporation of Burlington, Wisconsin. Certified test results are validated by former Crashworthiness experts from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Offering precision parts based on exacting standards of material, fit, form and function, Diamond Standard parts are certified on all measures of quality by NSF and CAPA. The Diamond Standard discipline of Certification began in 2002 with a robust, unique program of quasi-static, dynamic and destructive testing and Certification across all categories comparatively to OE service parts. To our knowledge we are the only manufacturer of structural bumper components, full assembly stepbumpers, face bars and replacement hoods to conduct such extensive testing and only manufacturer willing to publish our test results. The testing protocols were designed by Crashworthiness experts from NHTSA and MGA with tests conducted in industry leading, credible and accredited facilities used by all OE manufacturers. One of the primary roles included in this testing result is the certification by MGA, NSF and CAPA that Diamond Standard Brand parts are equivalent in performance to the OE service parts they replace.

Diamond Standard Brand parts are certified on aspects of quality by:


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