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A Letter From Michael J. O’Neal, President of Diamond Standard Parts, LLC

The Diamond Standard Brand culture of quality is a commitment to the industry through ONE QUALITY MANUFACTURING that separates our manufacturing promise and delivery from ALL other manufacturers of alternative non-structural and structural parts for the North American market. One part quality and materials, no dual line substandard parts for other markets, to fortify the promise we envisioned when we created the brand seven years ago.

Diamond Standard Brand parts are third party comparatively tested and are designed, manufactured, and sold to perform in the same manner in a collision as the parts that came on the vehicle when new or any service parts made or sold by the OE to replace them. We will not manufacture parts that do not meet this criteria. Comparative parts testing by MGA Research Corporation and respected certification bodies are part of an extensive campaign of full accountability, repeatability and sustainability of the brand on all quality measures including equivalent functional performance versus the OE service parts they replace.

You can’t create the system that produces parts that perform in the same way as the vehicle’s original collision management system without developing a Culture of One Quality Manufacturing in your team platform. Further, written sustainable policy goals that spell out what this means must be inherent in the manufacturing guide followed by all employees. Everyone must understand that there is no exception to the rule, no bending of the plan and no leniency for any manner of fraudulent reporting and submissions by company or third party companies.

Diamond Standard Brand parts are certified by NSF, MGA and CAPA where applicable by product line. We are proud of the achievement of our One Quality front steel bumpers having been certified in providing equivalent functional performance versus OE by MGA and on all dimensions of quality by NSF and CAPA. One part quality……three separate certifications.

Diamond Standard’s ongoing leadership in raising industry alternative quality parts standards and certifying of alternative non-structural stepbumper full assemblies and structural front bumpers, brackets, reinforcement bars, and absorbers by NSF and CAPA has created opportunities for other manufacturers to certify their parts of this type. The fact below the surface is that some of these manufacturers are the very companies that produce, manufacture and/or consolidate the same substandard parts that create the need for certification in the first place. Read this again….

How can this fact be ignored? The manufacture, existence and installation of substandard parts continues today based on price, not quality, driven models. Would it be permissible for a company to knowingly make a toy with lead based paint based on a price model to satisfy a segment for one market and have the same toy certified for the same market based on the correct safe paint used on the same part? In best cases a generic model of a product or private labeled product mimics in a similar manner the branded product that is by it’s design or material content more expensive. However, low cost and cheaper non-performing non-structural and structural parts in collision management systems should not be utilized and the manufacturers involved in the manufacture, sale or supply of them must be prohibited from certifying ANY parts as long as they are the source of and contributors to this problem.

The benefits to the industry adopting ZERO tolerance for a manufacturing group to attain certification of structural parts without a total commitment to the quality and integrity of structural parts for sale in the US and Canada are immense and numerous. The industry could benefit immediately by eliminating the possibility of part substitution of a substandard part for a certified part, eliminating the need and high cost of dual inventories at the distributor level and help reduce the number of collision totals which continue to run chronically high.

I call upon the industry manufacturers to join Diamond Standard in a culture of quality parts commitment for the North American market. I call upon those people who certify products to start their process at the company level and demand that a company can’t be involved with certification of structural parts until they abandon the dual manufacturing, private label sourcing, sale or consolidation of non-certifiable structural parts.

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