October 24, 2016

The Truth Kia, You're Better Than That

The Kia Motors ad in the September 2016 Fender Bender states, "Genuine Kia Part - Quality Tested.” Well, it was when it was going through government and IIHS rating tests. We doubt any service parts are tested either dynamically or quasi-statically.

Kia Motors ad further states, “Aftermarket - No Testing or Aftermarket Tested.” Not only is this inaccurate, but is an inept attempt to confuse and besmirch the competition.

Diamond Standard has over 57 Kia applications tested for 2010 and up Kia models. Individual parts tested based on the assembly part as the standard. Isn't clowning the competition usually from the little guy?....

Kia makes exceptional cars. You’re better than that.

Michael O'Neal
Diamond Standard Parts, LLC

"3 Things cannot long remain hidden, the Moon, the Sun and the Truth."



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