October 28, 2016

Diamond Standard Certification Update

Please find the link to the latest Certification update for Diamond Standard Parts.

Currently we have:

614 CAPA applications: Front Bumpers, Stepbumpers, Reinforcements

2,000 NSF applications: Stepbumpers, Reinforcements, Absorbers, Brackets

Diamond Standard continues to be the safest and most available quality aftermarket parts anywhere;

Quote from a supplier at recent open house:

“Every single customer bragged on Diamond Standard products, zero complaints. One shop owner who retired from GM after 25 years said he refused to use aftermarket parts until an OE national back order on a part, so he called for an aftermarket and received a Diamond Standard Part. He now uses Diamond Standard Parts or OE only.”

You might be surprised at how many times the leading MSO’s and DRP’s tell us the same story, no issues and no problems.

Thanks for your support,

Michael O’Neal, President
Diamond Standard Parts, LLC

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