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July 25, 2014

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Diamond Standard to apply for CAPA Certification on Bumper Reinforcements

Diamonds Standard which currently owns the industry distinction of being the first manufacturer to receive independent certification on automobile bumper reinforcements in both high strength steel and high strength 7000 alloy aluminum now will apply for CAPA certification for this category.

"Structural parts is a serious category which requires the diligence of the manufacturer to make certain these parts are built to a standard and tested to the performance characteristics of the OE production or service part," said Michael O'Neal, President of Diamond Standard.

Extensive comparative Dynamic and Quasi Static testing vs OE parts has been done since 2002 by MGA Design Research at their facilities in Burlington, WI. Parts submitted for independent certification are required to meet the test standards established by those organizations.

As Honda validated in their release last week, quote "Dynamic testing can not only help us measure the difference in impact results, they help us see the difference".

Diamond Standard to apply for CAPA Certification on Bumper Reinforcements

"This is only my personal opinion but it's past time that the industry got on the right track and reject manufacturers of low end structural safety parts, not just the cheap parts they make. Under Diamond Standard Quality Management System Protocols, we only make a High Quality tested product for the North American market. We don't get caught up in the price game" added O'Neal.

The same level of certainty is assured across all Diamond Standard categories with Diamond Standard parts easily identified by a Trademarked Partslink suffix - DS, DSN, or DSC designating a true Diamond Standard structural part in the estimating databases.
Example: HO1006177DSC

Diamond Standard Brand Parts are available throughout North America from limited quality distributors, including the AQRP Program at Keystone, an LKQ Company.

For more information, please contact Geoff Crane, Director of Industry Relations, Diamond Standard Brand Parts Group at geoff@diamondstandardparts.com or by phone (877) 398-5756.

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