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July 25, 2014

Contact: Mike O'Neal
Phone: 901-398-5759
E-Mail: mike@diamondstandardparts.com

Diamond Standard addresses parts substitution and identification issues with new "UnSub" parts program.

SUBSTITUTION of structural safety parts goes against everything the quality driven aftermarket manufacturers and their supporters have continued to strive for in choosing safe and tested certified parts. The low end supply chain continues to choke the system with misinformation, serious product quality downgrades, and lack of attention to detail.

In a survey I took with prominent members of the largest body shop associations, comments included cycle time issues, interruption of work flow processes, extended rental car days, repair backlogs, dead space in paint bays, thicker repair files, and dissatisfied customers for both shop and insurers.

Diamond Standard’s unique, trademarked part number system using the Partslink number + DS, DSN (NSF), or DSC (CAPA) ex: FO1006251DSN listed in the databases is easy to find, easier to identify, and eliminates substitution. Diamond Standard is the only ONE quality manufacturer of structural safety parts in the aftermarket.

Why is the DS part numbering system important? Some suppliers using their unique part number use the same part number for all levels of quality or lack thereof from every manufacturer, certified, non-certified, or junk to confuse the buyer and eliminate lost sales i.e. give the customer what they decide they need or what they have available at the time. Help is on the way….

The new “UNSUB” web based program from Diamond Standard, www.unsubparts.com gives complete access to all Diamond Standard Part offerings including both photo and descriptive information using either the OEM reference number, the Partslink + DS, DSN, or DSC number, or by selecting the vehicle, Make/Model/Year. The Make/Model/Year function will give you all parts and part photos for that particular model made by Diamond Standard. Taking delivery of what you order, specify, and pay for in structural parts solutions is critical and should be a basic obligation of the supplier. Diamond Standard Parts are available through quality distributors and their distributor programs in the USA and Canada including the AQRP program at Keystone, an LKQ Company.

Michael O’Neal

More information is available at www.diamondstandardparts.com and www.unsubparts.com or contact mike@diamondstandardparts.com


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